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Disclosure/Resale Report: FEE: $150.00 (a.k.a.Paid Assessment Letter or Closing Letter) This Report is usually ordered by the attorney for the seller of a home in the association. It contains information about the association and copies of important documents such as the declaration, bylaws and so forth. The information in the Disclosure/Resale Report is valid for thirty (30) days from the delivery date. If the Report is more than ninety (90) days old, then the information is invalid and a new Report must be ordered. Note: Orders for Disclosure/Resale Reports will not be processed without an anticipated closing date.

Updated Disclosure Report: FEE $50.00 This report is used to get current information (balance, etc.) for closings that occur after the Disclosure/Resale Report has been issued. Community Documents will not be provided unless that information has changed. An Update Report can only be ordered if a Disclosure/Resale Report has already been ordered for the home within the past 90 days, and the Order Number of the original order is required.

Lender Report: FEE $150.00 (a.k.a.Condo/PUD Questionnaire) This Report is used by a lender as underwriting information in making a mortgage for a home in an association. This Report also contains important association documents. For an additional fee, we can complete your bank’s specific form and include it with our standard form. Uploading instructions are on the website. Please allow 1-2 extra business days for delivery of custom forms.

Assessment/Covenant Certificate: FEE $75.00(a.k.a. Refinance Letter) This Report is provided at the request of a lender for a current owner in the association who wishes to refinance their home. No association documents (governing documents, budget, minutes, etc.) are included with this report. If these documents are required, please order either the Disclosure or Lender Report.

Community Documents: FEE $40.00 These documents include The Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws,Declaration and other important community information.

NC Realtor Resale Statement Addendum - FEE $30.00 Standard Form 2A12-T ** NEW **

How to Order

1. Go to the Ordering WebSite.

2. If you have not ordered from the new site before, you will need to register by clicking the

   "Not a Registered User"

    link on the login page. Itcan be found at the bottom of that page, under the Login button.

    Once you have registered, use yourlogin and password to access the site.

3. Clickon the "Enter a New Order" link.

4. Enter the address of the home/unit being sold/refinanced and click the Search button.

   Verify that you have the correct home and association before selecting one.

5. Choose the options for your order.

6. Confirm your order and check out with your credit card.

Other Information
  • If you are an Attorney’s office ordering a Disclosure/Resale report, you may make payment from escrow at closing.
  • All other orders must be paid in advance by credit card. We accept MasterCard and Visa, including MasterCard and Visa Debit Cards. A convenience fee, shown separately on your invoice, is collected for all credit card payments.
  • No refunds will be made after the report is delivered.
  • You will need to know the exact street address of the home, including unit number, if applicable.
  • Your order will be delivered as an email containing a link that is used to download a zip file containing the report and make sure that you have any type of spam blocker switched off in order for the email to be delivered.
  • Rush delivery is available for an additional charge.   
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